Every session aims to provide both structure and variety in a safe and secure environment. Following are some examples of the Pre-School activities we offer:


Children are welcomed and settled at their Key Person table. We also use this time for parents/carers and staff to convey any important information or concerns.

Story Time

Stories are read by staff. Children are also encouraged to look through the books themselves.

Free Play

A more physically orientated session in which children get to play with a variety of toys including tricycles, hoops, tents, tunnels, construction toys and balls.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts activities will stimulate your child's imagination and creativity, helping with physical and intellectual development.

Rolling Snack Time

Children are asked to bring their own healthy snack in a labelled container, milk or water is provided by us. We are a nut  and egg allergy free zone.

Lunch Time (Tuesday and Thursday only)

The children have their packed lunch all together which allows them to socialise and discuss simple topics with the staff.

Outside Play

Weather permitting the children play outside with a variety of toys under supervision.

Music and Movement

The children take part in music, dance and singing activities.

Tidy Up Time

The children are encouraged to participate in the tidying up of toys and activities.